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Vaibhav Gujral is a principal cloud architect at Charles Schwab. He specializes in cloud strategy and governance, cloud security, cloud architecture, application architecture, microservices architecture, Artificial Intelligence, FinOps, and DevOps practices. He helps enterprises adopt the cloud correctly by clearly understanding the motivations and developing a cost-effective solution utilizing suitable architectural patterns and design principles. His technical skills include Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Kubernetes, Docker, .NET Core, Terraform, and PowerShell. He has been a Microsoft Azure MVP since 2020 and has reviewed several Azure-related books. He also moderates a Twitter community for Microsoft Azure, now over 4000 strong members. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and holds multiple cloud certifications. He regularly blogs at https://vaibhavgujral.com/ and runs his own YouTube channel. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.
Steve Christian is a seasoned IT Professional with over 25 years of helping large enterprise customers reach their business objectives. During his 12 years at Microsoft, Steve has helped several Fortune 500 enterprises leverage cloud technologies to transform their products. Focused on helping customers understand the benefits of the Microsoft cloud platform and ensuring they have a solid roadmap for reaching their goals. Steve is a founding member of the Omaha Azure User Group to help the community learn from each other about what the platform can do. Steve has a BA in Business Administration and an MS in Computer Information Systems. Steve is also an Azure-certified professional. He can be reached on Linkedin.