Omaha Azure User Group Meeting – April’2022

The meeting for the month of April’2022 took place on April 20th, starting at 6 PM CDT. It was an online meeting.

Topic: Advanced Queuing with Azure Service Bus
Queuing is a powerful tool for distributed systems both in the cloud and in hybrid environments. In this talk, we will discuss architectural patterns supported in Azure by Service Bus Queues and show some real-world advanced examples of using Service Bus we have learned at Don’t Panic Labs.

Speaker: Andy Unterseher
Andy Unterseher works as a software architect and chief engineer of the Product Team at Don’t Panic Labs. He has spent the last decade at DPL taking software systems through an idea, architecture, development, and deployment to the cloud. He had been designing and deploying systems primarily to Azure PaaS for the last 8 years. Andy is passionate about well-architected and engineered systems that stand up to time and change.

Sponsor: Don’t Panic Labs
Don’t Panic Labs was founded to support startups and now works with organizations of all sizes to bring every innovator’s vision to life. By reinventing and building 20-30 products each year, the team has refined its lean software engineering practices to architect products for future growth. This approach minimizes rework, allows for change, and increases overall quality.

In its Nebraska Dev Lab Finishing School and Advanced Continuing Education programs, Don’t Panic Labs teaches developers the lean methods it has refined. These programs equip developers to face a world increasingly reliant on complex systems.

Our sponsor gave away two $50 Amazon gift cards.