Omaha Azure User Group Meeting – December’2020 – 1

The first bi-weekly meeting for the month of December’2020 took place on December 2nd, starting at 6 PM CT. It was an online meeting.

Topic: Load Balancing in Azure
To meet the ever-increasing needs of planet-scale applications, Load Balancing, like everything else in the technology industry, has undergone a significant evolution. From its humble beginnings as Round-robin DNS, to finding a physical avatar in Hardware Load Balancers, load balancing made its foray into the world of Cloud Computing as numerous services that you can click and deploy.
In this session, we will go through the various load balancing options available in Azure, and how you can effectively leverage them in your IaaS/PaaS solutions to make them highly available.

Speaker: Abhishek Srivastava
Director of Engineering, PK – The experience engineering firm.
Abhishek has been a fan and follower of Microsoft since his middle school days when he wrote his first program in Logo and then GW-Basic on MS Dos 3.3. Professionally, he has 18+ years of experience in the software industry, out of which 12 years has been in consulting with Microsoft. He has led technical delivery of multi-million $/€ programs, leading multi-geography, cross-functional teams. Having worked in both software product and service-based companies, he has played roles ranging from a Software Engineer to Director of Engineering, specializing in app development and Cloud Computing. He has been working on Azure since its early days, helping customers successfully leverage Azure to better their business outcomes.

Sponsor: PK
PK is the experience engineering firm. Together with the world’s most customer-obsessed companies, we combine great design and strong tech to build pioneering experiences that accelerate outcomes for customers, partners and employees. Through cutting-edge technology and a commitment to deep craftsmanship, we help our clients run the future. PK is over 4,000 people strong in 22 cities across four countries. Learn more at

Our sponsor gave away two Amazon $50 gift cards.