Omaha Azure User Group Meeting – December’2021 – 2

The second meeting for the month of December’2021 took place on December 15th, 2021, starting at 6 PM CST. It was an online event.

Topic: Training Models in Azure Machine Learning Studio
The Azure Machine Learning Studio is a specialized resource in Azure designed around the workflows for the machine learning project lifecycle. The Azure ML Studio is useful for machine learning professionals as well as engineers. In the ML Studio, you can train and deploy models and manage machine-learning operations resources. It contains both low-code and no-code solutions for training and deploying models. In this session, we’ll cover concepts used in the training of automated machine learning experiments and how to create regression models with the Azure Machine Learning designer to predict a numeric label based upon a set of characteristics.

Speaker: Michael Hood
He is a software architect at Werner Enterprises working on next-generation solutions for the transportation and logistics industry. Previously, he architected solutions for IBM, developed email spam and web traffic filtering technology for AppRiver, and developed solutions for clients in Northwest Florida with the Shibui Development Group. He has been a software developer for 26 years.

Sponsor: Werner EDGE
As a leading transportation and logistics company, Werner Enterprises values safety, service, and taking an active role in the future of the transportation industry. Werner EDGE is the innovation arm of Werner Enterprises, committed to advancing the performance and safety of its drivers, shippers, carriers, and associates by delivering the latest technology-rich solutions in the transportation industry. Werner EDGE is committed to transforming Werner’s entire tech stack, moving to the Cloud to enable greater innovation and enhanced customer service. This enterprise-wide strategy, “Cloud First, Cloud Now,” is Werner’s driving force to becoming the first truckload transportation company fully leveraging the Cloud.
Launched in 2020, Werner EDGE has led to new proprietary technology (EDGE Connect, Drive Werner Pro, Werner EDGE for Carriers), integrations and partnerships (Workday, Microsoft, Samsung), and increased safety, communication, and security efforts.

Our sponsor also gave away two $50 Amazon gift cards.