Omaha Azure User Group Meeting – February’2022

The meeting for the month of February’2022 took place on February 16th, starting at 6 PM CST. It was an online event.

Topic: Add Some Chaos To Your Pipeline
Pipelines have been critical in creating repeatable release processes to provide the ability for frequent deployments while ensuring quality.  Pipelines have grown to incorporate automation for more and more of the manual quality gates including code quality checks, security checks, functional testing to name a few.  The one area that pipelines don’t typically help is ensuring that your application will continue to run successfully if there are failures and/or under the stress of increased unexpected end-user load.   Two new services in Azure, Azure Chaos Studio and Azure Load Testing can help you verify how your application will meet these non-functional requirements with every deployment to ensure not only will your application will work on a good day but it will be able to handle some chaos. 
In this talk, Mike will walk through the importance of identifying non-functional requirements, introduce chaos engineering to help ensure application resiliency, and walk through Azure Chaos Studio and Azure Load Testing services to show how to set these up and include them in your Azure DevOps pipelines or with GitHub actions.

Speaker: Michael Douglas
Mike Douglas is the Director of Delivery Engineering at Lunavi specializing in architecting secure cloud-native and hybrid modern applications. He works with organizations to continuously improve their application security and compliance controls, speed of delivery, and quality through DevOps practices. He is an active community member in leading the Omaha DevOps meetup and organizing events in Omaha like Global DevOps Bootcamp. He also speaks regularly at a number of regional and national events such as HDC, Infotec, VS Live, and Nebraska Code(). He is a Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies with a focus in Azure DevOps and enjoys sharing his experiences in DevOps, Automated Testing, and Security at and on Twitter at @mikedouglasdev.

Sponsor: Trility Consulting
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