Omaha Azure User Group Meeting – June 2020 – 2

The second bi-weekly meeting for the month of June 2020 took place on Wednesday, June 24th, starting at 12:00 PM CDT. It will be an online event.

Topic: Azure Bastion: One does not simply walk into my VNet!
Security is one of the most important things that a Cloud admin (IT Administrator) should always keep in mind, especially when managing business-critical workloads in Azure. With Azure Bastion you remain able to connect to your IaaS VMs in a secure and easy way. In this session, you will not only discover how Bastion natively integrates with the Azure Portal but also how you can harden it with JIT and NSG’s to enhance your overall VM access security. So join us in this session to learn some best practices, tips, and things you should keep in mind when working with this “jump-box-as-a-service”.

Wim Matthyssen | Cloud Architect @ Synergics | MCT
Wim is a Cloud Architect, who has more than ten years of experience with Microsoft Technologies. As an MCT, his strength is to assist companies in the transformation of their business to the Cloud by implementing the latest features, services, and solutions. Currently, his main focus is on the Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Platform and especially on Microsoft Azure and Hyper-V.
In addition, Wim is also a founding board member of the Microsoft Cloud and Client Management Community (MC2MC). As a passionate community member he regularly writes blogs and speaks about his daily experiences with Azure and other Microsoft technologies. In March 2020, Wim was also recognized by Microsoft as an Azure Heroes: Community Hero.

Micha Wets | Microsoft MVP | Owner of Cloud.Architect, Technology Strategist @ ASPEX
As a Microsoft MVP, Micha enjoys talking about all Azure & Powershell topics and has already spoken at various conferences: Inspire 2018, Cloudbrew 2018 & 2019, User Group events, many Microsoft hosted webinars & Workshops, Microsoft Ignite The Tour, Azure Saturday, Techorama, Experts Live Netherlands & PolarConf. He has over 15 years of experience as a DevOps engineer and has in-depth knowledge of private, hybrid, and public clouds. Today Micha mainly focuses on Powershell, Azure, RDS (Remote Desktop Services) & WVD (Windows Virtual Desktop) environments and is particularly knowledgeable about migrating those environments to Azure. Micha is Owner of Cloud.Architect & Technology Strategist at ASPEX and works closely with Microsoft Corp on Azure, RDS & WVD.

Sponsor: Dynamo
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Our sponsor gave away two $50 gift cards at the end of the talk.