Omaha Azure User Group Meeting – May’2020

The Omaha Azure User Group meeting for May’2020 took place on Wednesday, May 27th, starting at 6:00 PM. In light of the situation due to COVID19, it was an online event.

Topic: Using Ansible with Azure
Ansible is an agentless configuration management tool. Instead of relying on an agent being installed, Ansible uses remote management protocols to communicate with remote hosts. Ansible uses SSH to connect to Linux hosts and network devices. WinRM is used for Windows hosts.
In this presentation, you will learn how to: run Ansible from within a Docker container, connect Ansible to Azure using a service principal to authenticate, deploy an Azure virtual machine, configure an Azure virtual machine, and how to manage secrets using Azure Key Vault and Ansible.
By the end of the presentation, you’ll have seen the value Ansible brings when managing your cloud infrastructure. As well as how to get up and running with Ansible.

Speaker: Josh Duffney

Josh Duffney is a DevOps engineer with 10 years of systems administration and engineering experience. Josh is a Pluralsight author of several courses on the topic of automation and infrastructure development and blogs at He is also writing a book on Ansible titled become Ansible.

Sponsor: Modis Inc.
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Our sponsor gave away two gift cards at the end of the talk.