Omaha Azure User Group Meeting – April’2023

Our meeting for the month of April’2023 took place on April 19th, starting at 6 PM Central Time. It was an in-person event, and our sponsor, Improving, hosted the event at TekSystems, 18881 W Dodge Rd, Suite 280W, Elkhorn, NE – 68022

Our sponsor provided food and drinks 15-20 minutes before the start of the meeting.

Non-local participants joined over Microsoft Teams using this link.

Topic: Co-authoring Kubernetes Manifests with GitHub Copilot
In this talk, you’ll see how GitHub Copilot can help you co-author Kubernetes manifests and boost your productivity. With Copilot, you no longer need to spend tedious time creating Kubernetes manifests and dealing with complicated YAML files.

Speaker: Josh Duffney
Josh Duffney is a Senior Cloud Advocate for Microsoft, with a focus on secure supply chain and applied AI. He is a former Microsoft MVP for this work with PowerShell and Azure and an Ex-SRE at Stack Overflow.

Sponsor: Improving Omaha
Improving Omaha is a custom software development company that specializes in Modern APIs, Real-Time Data, Platform Engineering, Data Engineering, Web and Mobile, and UX/UI.  We are one of 17 Enterprises that make up Improving across North America.  Check out their website for more details: