Omaha Azure User Group Meeting – June’2023

Our meeting for June’2023 took place on Wednesday, June 21st, 2023, starting at 6 PM Central Time. It was an in-person meeting. The meeting was hosted at Commerce Village, 950 S 10th St, Lower Level, Suite 009, Omaha, NE – 68108

Our sponsor provided food and drinks 15-20 minutes before the start of the meeting.

Topic: Embracing cloud-native architecture for on-premise to Azure migration – Maximizing the Cloud’s full potential
Despite the growing adoption of cloud technologies, many organizations still struggle to fully leverage the benefits of the cloud when migrating their resources from on-premise environments to Azure. A significant challenge lies in the prevalent approach of treating the cloud as an extension of on-premise infrastructure, leading to suboptimal resource utilization and limited cost savings. Neglected cloud-native approaches limit cost optimization and scalability, & diminish a potential competitive advantage. Identifying potential missed opportunities in your migration can be overwhelming.

Nick and Julian hope to educate and empower Azure professionals in adopting a cloud-native mindset. Please join Nick and Julian for a presentation and discussion on the complexities of maximizing Azure advantages in cloud migration as they explore the challenges and provide valuable insights into effective strategies and best practices. They’ll discuss how to:
– Explore cloud-native principles for on-premise to Azure migration: microservices, containerization, scalability, and resilience.
– Highlight the benefits of adopting a cloud-native strategy: cost-effectiveness, scalability, and flexibility.
– Discover Azure’s PaaS offerings (e.g., Azure Functions, App Services, AKS) for on-premise resource migration, emphasizing cost savings, productivity, and reduced management.
– Examine real-world examples and practical guidance for implementing a cloud-native strategy in on-premise to Azure migration.

Speakers: Nick Nalli and Julian Peffer
Nick Nalli graduated from Murray State University in Murray, KY, where he majored in MSIS. After graduating with his master’s, he was hired by a company where the project was rewriting the entire backend side from Python to C#, which required lift and shift from Rackspace server to Azure cloud. Sogeti hired Nick in 2020, where he was part of a project heavily using the Hybrid model of Azure and On-Prem services. Besides professional experience, Nick enjoys playing with cybersecurity applications like Cloudflare services like tunneling and website hosting, pfSense firewall, Omada routers, and Kali Linux for pen-testing.

Julian Peffer graduated from The University of Nebraska at Omaha, majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Cyber Security. After graduating, Sogeti hired Julian to work on a project that had begun its cloud migration. During his time on the project, he moved on-premises resources to Azure using a mixture of cloud-native and lift-and-shift approaches. Outside of his experience at Sogeti, Julian enjoys spending his free time learning about Azure, cyber security, and low-level programming.

Nick and Julian have worked at Sogeti (part of Capgemini) for three years in a hybrid Azure Cloud environment, implementing cloud solutions using industry best practices.

Sponsor: Capgemini
Capgemini is a global leader in partnering with companies to transform and manage their business by harnessing the power of technology. The Group is guided every day by its purpose of unleashing human energy through technology for an inclusive and sustainable future. It is a responsible and diverse organization of over 340,000 team members in more than 50 countries. With its strong 55-year heritage and deep industry expertise, Capgemini is trusted by its clients to address the entire breadth of their business needs, from strategy and design to operations, fueled by the fast-evolving and innovative world of cloud, data, AI, connectivity, software, digital engineering and platforms. The Group reported in 2021 global revenues of €18 billion.  

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