Omaha Azure User Group Meeting – September 2020 – 2

The second bi-weekly meeting for the month of September 2020 took place on Wednesday, September 16th, starting at 6:00 PM. It was an online event.

Title: Pitfalls to Avoid on your Cloud Migration Journey
Whether you are currently using a public or private cloud model, building cloud-native or cloud-enabled solutions, supporting an existing hybrid model, or just beginning to move on-premise workloads, the documentation, guidance, best practices, and tools provided by cloud adoption frameworks can be the differentiating factor in reaching your business objectives. During this session, Michael Nichols will highlight that wherever your organization is on your cloud migration journey, it is not too late to begin benefiting from following a cloud adoption framework. Stop making common mistakes and avoid future pitfalls by utilizing these resources now.

Speaker: Michael Nichols
Michael Nichols works as a Principal Software Engineer at Spreetail. He leads the DevOps Team at Spreetail to enable the business to accelerate brands and channels to compete for tomorrow’s eCommerce customer. Michael has over twenty years of experience in the tech industry and has focused his last 8 years on cloud solutions in Azure, with roles ranging from Cloud Evangelist to Cloud solution Architect. He is an experienced member of leadership teams for Cloud Governance and Cloud Centers of excellence.

Sponsor: Spreetail
Spreetail is an e-commerce growth coach. We go beyond purchasing, warehousing, and delivering products nationwide at industry-leading speed — we help our partners drive sales across 15+ top e-commerce channels. Spreetail helps scale brands by bringing an expansive and competitive product assortment, creating optimized product content, and providing customers with a best-in-class experience.
Yes – we are an e-commerce company, but we are also an innovative software company. Our Software & Technology department consists of Software Engineering, DevOps, Product, UI/UX, and Data Management. In Software, there are five areas of development: Channels, Catalog, Customers, Money, and Supply Chain. Within these tribes, we develop solutions that power Spreetail daily, from managing our fulfillment centers to integrating our services with our marketplace partners. From a technology perspective, we use .NET Core, React.js, Redis, Redux, Kubernetes, SQL Server, and Azure.
As a Spreetailer, you’ll enjoy the lasting personal growth you gain from tackling new, ambitious challenges every single day. You’ll develop deep, meaningful relationships with a team that supports your goals, invests in your development, and celebrates your wins. If you are passionate, relationship-driven, and care about your community — you belong at Spreetail.